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Gregory Michael Bazell, MD
"Look Your Best"


Dr. Bazell is a gifted top-notch plastic surgeon. With his questing mind, he is constantly studying more techniques and incorporates the most sound research and thinking into his practice. That's an incredible base, but he understands that plastic surgery starts from an esthetic perspective, and I consider him a thoughtful and observant artist AND a surgeon. That's an incredible combination of skills -- and it gave me a remarkable surgical result that exceeded any hopes or expectations we might have had. His practice reflects his high standards - I felt beautifully cared for throughout the entire process by his entire staff who are equally devoted, kind, and attentive. My husband and I enthusiastically recommend him with the highest possible praise.

~ Laura
Elizabethtown, IL

Dr. Bazell is a one of a kind. His skills as a surgeon are outstanding, and his skills as a professional who cares rank amongst the highest I have ever encountered. He takes his time, calls you, discusses everything about your procedures, and makes you feel comfortable and safe. He continues his care for you for all your post surgery appointments. He is an outstanding surgeon, Doctor and person.

Carpentersville, IL

In December 2003 my husband I met with Dr. Bazell to discuss a brow lift and lip augmentation. We were referred to him by a close relative who was very happy with the outcome of her procedure and with Dr. Bazell.
We met with him to discuss my options and see if this was something I wanted to actually have done. Dr. Bazell met with us for an extended period of time to explain literally everything that the surgery entailed; pre-op, the operation itself to include the procedure, materials, etc. and the post-op. We were both so astounded with his knowledge, ethics and deep concern for my well being and -- also his honesty about procedures he did not believe were healthy for anyone. We were both so impressed with how honorable he is and what we perceived as a wonderful surgeon, I literally called within 48 hours to schedule the surgery in January.

We do not live in Illinois and had to make arrangements to stay in a nearby facility. While my husband could be there part of the time (of a week s stay) he had to be back at work. Because I could not drive, Dr. Bazell went out of his way to come to me and check on me and remove stitches.

My recovery was short of a miracle. I only took Tylenol for a couple of days. No pain killers. My follow up visits to him were always thorough and complete.
Because we were so impressed with him and my successful surgery, I decided to have a tummy tuck in October 2005. Again, the same professional, ethical and compassionate care.
I would not hesitate for one second to recommend Dr. Greg Bazell for any cosmetic procedure. I trust him implicitly and would trust him to do any surgical procedure on me.

~ Susan

Dr. Bazell is a phenomenal surgeon who treated me with the utmost respect and genuine concern. He made me feel comfortable and secure in my decision for surgery. My results are better than I EVER expected!! I only wish I had done it sooner!!! His staff is incredible too! feels like family]" P.K. Schaumburg, IL)
"Dr. Bazell's work has changed my life. For most of my life I was morbidly obese. My weight problem didn't allow me to fit in my clothes or society. From November, 1997 to January, 2000 I dieted and exercised and finally reached my goal. After maintaining my weight for five years I felt it was time to remove the painful memories of being obese and have a tummy tuck. In October of 2004 I met Dr. Bazell and after a 90 minute consultation I knew he was the one who would change my life forever. Dr. Bazell's qualifications, experience, compassion and understanding of women's needs, convinced me that he was the right surgeon for me. My tummy tuck has been life changing. To be able to fit in pleated slacks, wear tight jeans without a pooching tummy, purchase sexy underwear and feel confident to be seen in a bathing suit in public would never have been a reality for me without Dr. B. Dr. Bazell makes women's dreams come true. I believe in him so much that in November of 2005 I had a breast lift and in the next few years I will be lending him my face to erase a few lines and wrinkles. I am very blessed to have him as my surgeon.

Aurora, IL

Dr. Bazell's talents are matched only by his compassion and concern for each of his patients. I have had 2 surgical procedures done by Dr. Bazell. He thoroughly explained each procedure and I was well informed of what to expect during each recovery process. I have been told by family & longtime friends how great I look without them having a clue as to what exactly was done! Dr. Bazell truly has a gift. As both a qualified surgeon and a compassionate person, you are in the best care possible. His staff is always friendly & caring, a real compliment to Dr. Bazell's skill. It is always a pleasure to visit with them during all of my follow-up visits. I cannot say enough about this incredible surgeon. Dr. Bazell is an extremely gifted surgeon who truly cares. Thank You, Dr. Bazell!

Chicago, IL

Dr. Gregory M. Bazell was one of the three surgeons that I interviewed with in November 2004 for breast implant revision necessitated by Type IV capsular contracture and silicone leak. Needless to say, I was concerned if I would ever find a surgeon that possessed the skill and empathy for the revision surgery that I needed. And I did!! Dr. Bazell was the only surgeon that afforded the time to educate me on the procedure and choices. He even brought in the representative from the implant company to help me make the decision. The surgery was a success and now seems so "uneventful" due to the lack of pain (one pain pill only) and speedy recovery. Most important of all, I was given the utmost care, respect and dignity by Dr. Bazell and his staff. Numerous follow up visits were extremely thorough focusing on my well being and continuous self care. I will look forward to my 6 months visit with Dr. Bazell. When searching for the "right" surgeon, I want to remind everyone that it is absolutely crucial to scrutinize their medical certification as well as assessing their interest towards your health management and overall well being. Dr. Bazell is a special person and a plastic surgeon that exhibits excellent skill and care for his patients that I would depict as a role model for his profession. Many thanks, Dr. B.

Breast Implant Revision Patient from the Chicago suburbs

Dearest Dr. Bazell:
As I sit here writing this letter, I fully realize just how blessed that I am... There are not enough words or phrases to adequately thank you for the finest work of surgical art that you have performed on me. It was no accident or coincidence that you were the surgeon I chose to perform this elective surgery, as God does not make mistakes. You are a highly skilled plastic surgeon, blessed with a very very special gift. It is important that you now that I have a deep respect for your humility and for your pride in your profession.

It is so obvious that you possess deep convictions, commitment and passion for each and every
individual that crosses the threshold of your office. You gave me a sense of peace, calm, and confidence throughout the entire procedure, never leaving room for unanswered questions.

The greater bauty of this entire process, for myself, comes from the fact that I have meticulously planned this out for over two years, and I knew that I would have to save very carefully in an effort to see this through, as I did not fel my personal desire for self-improvement should be my wonderful husbands sole responsibility. I have worked my entire adult life for most everything that I have with absolutely no regrets..... it allows me to fully appreciate what I have been blessed with. I bleieve that I came on this journey with realistic expectations and I know that I will come away from it with complete satisfaction.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your long hours of great attention to detail during surgery and for being such a terrific listener. You have a wonderful staff of professionals that were equally dedicated to their part in my journey as well. Kristen, Sue, Jennifer and anyone else whose name I cannot remember (I will blame it on the anethesia, not age of course) a very heartfelt thanks to you for assisting in my care during the most important decision of my life, to date since marriage and childbirth. None of this could have come to fruition without each of you.

WOW... I truly am one of the most blessed women alive!!!

Letter received from Face, Neck, Browlift, and eyelid surgery patient in June 2007

Dear Dr. Bazell,
I'd like to tell anyone who's thinking about plastic surgery but is afraid of what to expect, that it truly does matter on the surgeon and staff you select. I contemplated plastic surgery on an area that troubled me for years, but I was afraid that maybe I should leave well enough alone. I had heard and seen horror stories of plastic surgery gone bad. Still, I knew it was a matter of selecting the right surgeon. A surgeon who would truly care about his patients and would be compassionate as well as an exceptional surgeon and artist. I consulted with 2 other surgeons before I found Dr. Bazell. I was not comfortable in their environment, nor with their whole demeanor. Their office was crowded and I was not given the time I needed to get the answers I needed. When I went to Dr. Bazell's office, I was greeted and made comfortable immediately. Kristen sat with me first and found out about me and what I was looking for and gave me a lot of information even before Dr. Bazell sat down with me. When Dr. Bazell did sit down with me he had a very calm, relaxed demeanor. He was not rushed and did not make me feel like I was taking up too much of his time. He let me ask as many questions as I needed so that I could decide exactly what I wanted to do. I knew right away that I wanted Dr. Bazell to do my surgery!

The day of my surgery, my husband came with me and it was his first time meeting Dr. Bazell. He also liked him right away (you can't possibly help but like him!). He explained everything to my husband as he prepared me for surgery. I was very relaxed and knew I was in good hands.

The results of my surgery were terrific! I had no idea how much it would boost my confidence! I feel so much better about myself.
Dr. Bazell and his entire staff made the whole process totally comfortable. Having the surgery in Dr. Bazell's facility as opposed to a hospital setting was so much nicer!!!!

I would tell anyone thinking about plastic surgery to do their research, go with their gut instinct, and know that above all else, the surgeon is what truly matters. Dr. Bazell is a godsend to anyone wanting plastic surgery!

Huntley, Il.